Bhom Singh Teachers’s Training College working under the aegis of Bhom Singh Memorial Charitable Trust, is a teacher education institute with a difference. The curriculum for B.Ed. is designed and transacted in a dynamic manner here. The main task of teacher education institutions is to equip the student teacher with knowledge, skills, methods and realities of life to survive in this society.

There is an active way of learning here which is the key approach in Basic education as self-study, field work, correlated studies, dramatisation, freedom from fear and inhibition of any kind. Hard work, honesty, cooperation, self-help, respect for all religions, art of living together and tolerance which are fostered by the institution are accepted by the students by and large.

Goals of the institution

To make teaching & learning an enjoyable experience To create teachers with well-integrated personality To prepare teachers as agents of social change To ensure harmonious development of teachers for a peaceful society To develop research skills among teachers To make greater use of information and communication technology in order to prepare teachers and students for globalised world. To create a passion for life-long learning amongst students and teachers.


Our Mission is “Excellence through Training”. To achieve excellence through all sorts of professional lustrous learning and training of pre & in service teachers, is the Mission of the college. The sanskrit version of the mission is. “Prashikshanat Pravinyam.”

1. To produce quality teachers that contributes in the national development by producing leaders for the various fields.

2. To impart quality education to the future teachers.

3. To prepare educational professionals recognized for the quality and significance of their teaching, research, scholarship, service, and leadership.

4. To impart knowledge and training in a manner that it can be applied in real life situations.

5. To promote sensitivity towards inclusive education using various instructional strategies and extension programmes.

6. To. provide opportunities and facilities for the all round development of teacher trainees.

7. To create awareness in teacher trainees about the modern trends in education.

8. To serve the minority section of the society.